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Oral Conscious Sedation Dentistry

“That was as much fun as a root canal,” is an often heard expression referring to an unpleasant event. While the adage is lighthearted, for many people the idea of dental procedures is anything but. For them, the idea of something as simple as a teeth cleaning is enough to induce extreme levels of stress and anxiety, and in some people, unshakable panic. The end result is frequently dental patients who are unable to complete necessary treatments, or even make into the dental chair at all. Fortunately, with the aid of oral conscious sedation dentistry, patients with a fear and anxiety of dental procedures can enjoy the same level of care, in relative comfort and peace, as those without the crippling reaction.

Oral conscious sedation dentistry involves the use of Valium, or one of its derivatives, prescribed by the dentist prior to the appointment. The patient takes the prescribed medication roughly an hour before the dental procedure. Most patients report feeling relaxed and rather sleepy during their time in the chair. For more extreme cases of dental anxiety, a larger dose may be prescribed. The effects of the larger amount sometimes result in the patient actually falling asleep during treatment. Naturally, in addition to the use of oral conscious sedation, the dental health practitioner will use the appropriate topical and local anesthetic for the patient’s optimum comfort.

Drs. Wojtkun and Sendek at Premier Dental Concepts of Andover practice oral conscious sedation dentistry, and they, along with their friendly and experienced staff, are prepared to help you and your family towards your goals of dental health with the best preparation for your comfort. Please call for a consultation and learn more about how oral conscious sedation dentistry can help you.